Last week we told you about Auxo, an innovative concept for the iPhone app switcher that was brought to life in the form of a jailbreak tweak. Auxo takes the bland iOS multitasking bar to the next level with live app previews, gestures, settings toggles, and more. iPhone jailbreakers on iOS 6 can now install Auxo in Cydia for $1.99.

Unlike Apple’s stock app switcher, Auxo shows you live previews of apps you have running. You can use swipe gestures to close apps or kill all running apps at once. Auxo also comes with an enhanced music player that gives you basic controls and even the ability to view album artwork. Swipe to the far left and there are toggles for various settings, like WiFi and Airplane Mode. If you hate having to go into the Settings app to constantly toggle WiFi or change your screen brightness, then Auxo is a breath of fresh air.

Auxo, The Reinvented iPhone App Switcher, Is Now Available In Cydia [Jailbreak]

Unfortunately, Auxo is only available for devices that can be jailbroken on iOS 6. That currently means the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and fourth-gen iPod touch. The makers of Auxo promise that an update with iOS 5 compatibility will be pushed out in Cydia next week. The tweak is also iPhone-only right now. An iPad version is coming in early 2013, which will be particularly great for viewing the live app tiles on the iPad’s larger screen.

Auxo definitely looks tailored for the iPhone 5’s taller display, but potential jailbreakers have to wait for the Chronic Dev hackers to release the iOS 6 jailbreak for Apple’s newest devices, including the iPhone 5, third-gen iPad, fifth-gen iPod touch, and iPad mini. Once the jailbreak is out, Auxo will probably be one of the first tweaks that many install right away. I know I will.

Auxo, The Reinvented iPhone App Switcher, Is Now Available In Cydia [Jailbreak]

There are two really cools things about Auxo. Firstly, it started as an iOS concept that was brought to life and released in a matter of weeks. That’s an impressive feat that speaks to the innovation in the jailbreak community. If Apple won’t implement it, then others will build it. Secondly, the tweak really is a great improvement upon the iOS experience. It’s clean, minimal, and polished.

If you have a compatible device, you can get Auxo now in Cydia. For the rest of you waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak, hang in there.


What if your iPhone didn’t work any more or were stolen? Can I get back all my contacts, text messages and photos on my phone? Is it possible for iPhone data recovery?

There is no doubt that iPhone is a extremely useful communication and extertainment tool. It can do everything that a standard mobile device does and doesn’t as well. What if disaster happens when an iPhone fails. If you have synched your iPhone with your iTunes accout before, iPhone data recovery is as simple as logging in to iTunes and “Restore”. If not, iPhone data recovery is a little more complex, but still possible.

How to Perform Data Recovery for iPhone by Using iTunes
If you are used to log in your iTunes account to purchase music, TV shows, and ebooks from Apple store, you can automatically recover all your lost data as long as they are still available. If you have ever logged in Apple store with your iPhone, iTunes may also have made a backup file of all your files. Here I show you easy steps restore your iPhone lost data.
Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the same computer you used to sync your phone and log in your iTunes account.
Step 2. iTunes may ask if you want to restore your phone from a previous backup file. Confirm this action.
Step 3. If your iPhone restore from the backup file successful, it will restart.

iPhone Data Recovery

How to Recover iPhone Lost Data by Using iPhone Data Recovery Software
Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is an excellent recovery software for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touchs, and works even when your idevices are not functioning properly or were stolen. What’s more, it not only works with Mac operating systems, but for those who are using Windows operating systems on their computer. It’s worthwhile to give it a shot. You can downlaod it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/itunes-data-recovery.htm
Step 1. Free Download the iPhone recovery software to your computer.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the same computer. Be careful, do not auto connect your phone with iTunes or even open iTunes.
Step 3. Launch the iPhone recovery software.
Step 4. Select on the device name that you desire to recover data from and click “Start Scan”.
Step 5. It will show a list of your stuff on the iPhone device including SMS, contacts, notes, photos and so on. You are even able to preview all your photos before recovery. After making a selection, click “Recover”.
Step 6. Set a target folder on your computer that you want to use for the recovered data.

It’s a good idea to make use of this iPhone recovery software to avoid having to send the iPhone for professional data recovery service, and it also makes data recovery for iPhone easier next time. So, with such a recovery software for your iOS devices, you have no worry about losing all your data so that you can enjoy your digital life!

Why not get the iPhone data recovery software – Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery Now to get all yoru data back from the default iPhone?

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The most effective-selling smart phone in the world is will no longer an i phone.

New information released on Thursday simply by market research firm Method Analytics discovers that Straight talk samsung’s Samsung galaxy s III has been the planet’s best-selling smart phone model within the third 1 / 4 this year, displacing The apple company’s iPhone for initially in years. Samsung announced earlier now that snowballing Galaxy Azines III funnel sales arrived at the 30 million unit milestone and in accordance with Strategy Analytics, 18 million of people were sent in Q3 2012. During the same time period, Apple delivered an estimated 16.2 million iPhone 4S handsets, slipping to the No.a couple of spot for that quarter.

‘The Galaxy S3 grabbed an remarkable 11 percent share of smartphones.’

– Strategy Analytics expert Neil Shah


“Samsung’s Universe S3 mobile phone model delivered 18 million units globally during the 3rd quarter of 2012,” stated Strategy Statistics analyst Neil Shah. “The particular Galaxy S3 taken an impressive 11 pct share of most smartphones delivered globally and it has become the planet’s best-selling smartphone model the very first time ever.”

“A large touchscreen layout, extensive distribution across a large number of countries, and generous agent subsidies happen to be among the primary causes of the Galaxy S3’utes success. The apple company shipped an estimated 16.two million iPhone 4S models worldwide with regard to second location, as consumers temporarily kept off buys in anticipation of the widely predicted iPhone 5 upgrade at the conclusion of the actual quarter,” Shah said.

Samsung’utes time at the very top will end up being short-lived however, because Apple’utes iPhone 5 is expected to regain the title to top-marketing smartphone inside the December 1 / 4.

“Samsung’s Galaxy S3 provides proven incredibly well-liked with buyers and providers across North America, Europe and Asia,” Shah’azines colleague Neil Mawtson stated. “However, the actual Galaxy S3’s position as the world’s best-marketing smartphone product is apt to be short-lived.”

“The Apple iPhone 5 has become off to a solid begin already by having an estimated 6 000 0000 units delivered globally during Q3 2012. We expect the brand new iPhone 5 to out there-ship Check out the’s Galaxy S3 inside the coming next quarter regarding 2012 and also Apple should soon recover the subject of the world’s most favored smartphone design.”

Deleted all pictures you took by yoru iPhone 5? Or just restore your iPhone 4s as a new phone and erased all yoru photos on it? Do you want your photos back? Why not get an iPhone photo recovery software to prevent data loss from your iPhone or even recover iphone photos on computer now?

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Easy Guide for iPhone Photo Recovery

Nowadays numerous PC customers are enticed by Mac computer for the distinctive type and greater user encounter – a big step to be innovative. Irrespective of you certainly are a user of Microsoft House windows or Apple company Mac OS X, data loss is really a thing that can’t be avoided. In this high pace society, just about everyone needs a computer to do business, study, make fun, and connect with others and so forth. Therefore, a great amount of information has been stored within their computers, similar to their beloved pictures, important enterprise documents or emails. What if they simply have disappeared at the very particular time you have a need?

Maybe you merely get distracted and lose important things such as deleting important files within your Mac computer systems. According to certain survey, the majority of data damage is because of accidental removal of files. Presently there also have some other causes like method crash, virus attack, equipment failure or power failed while you’re working. But you don’t be concerned if you are Mac people because your own files may be recovered even when they are usually been fixed from the garbage. With the best Mac data recovery software program – Card Data Recovery for Mac software, you have the ability to find the lost info on Mac computer.

Mac data recovery

Card Data Recovery for Mac is a perfect Mac info recovery tool for Mac pc OS By. With just about all lost data deleted from the Mac computer can be recovered. Its recovery operate would revive your misplaced data as well as gather every one of the necessary files that have been deleted unintentionally or you need to restore something in your personal computer. You might have a uncertainty of the way to recover data that continues to be deleted through Mac personal computer. The method is very easy: although information can’t locate from the actual finder; you cannot see that and you are definitely positive you have lost; in fact it continues to be on the hard drive unless it has been overwritten by new information.

Here arrives a extremely important thing: stop writing virtually any data towards the area where data reduction just occurred and keep your scene intact. Thus, once you discover what you are looking for has been lost. By using Card Data Recovery for Mac to help you out. It provides diverse restoration modules for several types of file obtained loss. Choose the right one to recuperate your information: Photo Recovery, Video Recovery, Music Recovery, Document Recovery

Mac continues to be universally employed by all ages including instructors, professors, and students inside the classroom – and beyond. Folks choose Mac pc because regarding following positive aspects:

* Give pupils the power to create: Mac pc, with sophisticated applications, is straightforward to utilize and assists students generate amazing jobs. And that can be done even a lot more with i-work, pro software, and Operating-system X Server.
* Better computer inside as well as out: With the latest Apple company processors, extended battery life, and a rock-strong operating program, the Mac pc is trustworthy, secure, and straightforward to make use of.
* Designed in order to last: Each and every Mac is actually precisely designed for a long, productive life. Made coming from high-quality materials such as aluminum and glass, the Mac can stand up to the bustle of any kind of classroom. And the Mac is simply as well developed inside. Along with fast Apple processors, advanced graphics, as well as notebook power packs that final up to 7 several hours on an individual charge, a single Mac personal computers deliver incredible performance with regard to practically any task.
* The world’s most superior desktop operating system: With features including Multi-Touch actions, Mission Handle, and complete-screen programs.

The Mac offers effortless-to-discover tools in which encourage college students to connect their greatest thinking within compelling brand new ways. Each and every Mac includes iLife, a suite of digital article marketing applications that enable educators to design more engaging lessons and students to create even more dynamic tasks. A basic way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations shine, iWork applications for Mac will also be compatible together with Microsoft Office, so it is possible to open, help save, and discuss just about any record. Every Macintosh comes designed with dozens associated with assistive systems, many which you won’t find in other systems – at any price. These characteristics accommodate people who have physical impairments, visual and hearing problems, and different learning styles.
Mac info recovery software program

Mac data recovery tool program: Card Data Recovery for Mac, assisting HFS+/Body fat/ NTFS/NTFS5 file system volumes on Mac OS X 12.5.one and above. It may recover photos, videos, songs and other multimedia documents from each Mac hard disk drive and some other portable storage space devices.
Powerful Mac Photo Recovery Tool

Recover all kinds of data due to accidentally deleted, lost or missing, recover volume methodically arranged or reformatted. Information loss due to virus/malware attack, inaccessible data when either the actual partition map or directory B-Shrub is corrupted, disk Initialization and any sort of corruption causing inability as well your operating-system can almost all be retrieved by Card Data Recovery for Mac. It’s got following functions:

* Mac Photo Recovery: Recover pictures, videos, music and some other multimedia data files from each Mac hard disk and other portable storage space devices (Support HFS+/FAT/NTFS/NTFS5 file system).
* Quick Recuperation: Recover recent deleted documents with original name as well as path, supporting HFS, HFS+ and FAT file system
* Deep Recuperation: Use Natural searching technologies that tests your documents sector through sector to ensure that all the particular possible documents can become retrieved. It is strongly advised that you attempt this when other recuperation module does not work properly.
* Lost File Recovery: Recover files which have been lost, overwritten or damaged by the herpes virus, as nicely as the data on them.

Your Samsung Galaxy I1900 mobile phone is the third hand on your body! You use it extensively, taking pictures with families or your friends, recording videos for your birthday party or a wonderful show, enjoying music from the internet, etc. But what if you have deleted all of your photos, videos and songs by accident on your mobile? Or formatted the SD card of your phone by mistake? I can image that how heartbreaking it is to lose all your amazing memory which seems like a diary of your current life. Is it a way to recover pictures, videos or songs you deleted or lost on your mobile phone? Yes, it is! There are some mobile data recovery software available to so.
Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone
Method 1: If you have a memory card (Most of them are Micro SD cards.), it is easier to recover your files.
Step 1. Take out the SD card off your Samsung Galaxy Note phone, put it into a card reader. Plug the card reader into your computer. Or connect your phone with your pc directly via USB cable. Why you need to do so is to make your phone or memory card appear in “My Computer”.
Step 2. Download a mobile data recovery software, here I recommend you Tenorshare Data Recovery, simply because I had tried it and it worked. And install it on your computer and launch it.
Step 3. Open Tenorshare Data Recovery and scan your SD card to get your photos, videos and songs back.
Method 2: If your files are saved o n the phone memory or you can say built-in SD card, you need to follow below instructions to make your Samsung phone show as a drive letter on y our PC.
Step 1. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable. A USB icon will appear in the notification area at the top of the phone screen.
Step 2. Pull down the notification and tap “USB connected”.
Step 3. Tap “Mount” on the dialog box that’s displayed.
Step 4. Two removable drives will show up on my PC; one for the built-in SD card, and the other is the expansion/external SD card.
Step 5. Continue Step 2 in Method 1.
Are you in need of data recovery on your mobile phone? Why not try the above methods to recover your files from mobile phone?
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Nowadays, SanDisk flash memory card (SD) is taken usage by people by different reasons. You can see that SD card has occupied the market of digital media storage devices. Not only photographers but also mobile phone users widely use SD card to store their data. In spite of its popularity, there is little doubt that most of us have experienced this kind of a problem: SD Card Error.

There are typical media card errors:

1.Card Not Initialized

2.Card cannot be Read

3.Memory Reference Error

4.Memory Card Cannot be written

5. “access denied”, when SD card is corrupted

6.Memory card is locked, you can access it or open it

7. “Media is not formatted would you like to format now?” error

8.”SD/TF card error” on your game consoles like Sony PlayStation

9.”no SD card inserted” message appears while using the camera

10. “memory card error” message occurs on screen of your camera

11. “media card error”: A Media Card has been insterted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error-checking utility on a computer.

Why such memory card error happens?

There are lots of probable causes are lead to those SD Card Errors.

1. Removing the SD Card while it’s still on digital products like camera, mobile phone, game console, etc.

2. Turn off media device while transferring data with computer.

3. Memory card is not formatted appropriately.

4. Power off digital device during a write process of your SD card.

5. Forget to format the SD card before you use it.

6. The structure of SD card is corrupted.


Serious consequences of media card error

You must be worrying about losing all data on the SD card when you encounter such error problems. But before you press the red button, you should know that you are not doing to lose your pictures, videos and music files and you can get them back from the SD card to your PC via using SD card recovery software.

How to recover SD card data when SD card error shows up?

Method1: Unlock your media card on the digital device.

Check out whether you have locked the media card by mistake. A Lock switch is on the left side of the SD card. Slid up the Lock switch to unlock it.

Method 2: Finger out whether your SD Card data is accessible.

Connect your digital products like camera, mobile phone or MP4 player with your computer and then access your photos, videos and other files. If it fails, you have to get a card reader to coneect your SD card with computer and try again. Still no luck? Go to see your last shot below.

Method 3: Recover SD card data with SD card recovery software

Tenorsahre Data Recovery is a professional SanDisk Recovery software to recover lost, deleted, unaccessible, corrupted and formatted data after deeply scanning your SD card. See this step by step guide to recover SD card data you lost.

Step1: Get a SD card recovery tool like Tenorshare from the internet and then launch it on your computer.

Step2: Connect your SD card with computer. It doesn’t matter how you connect them. Via a card reader or connect from your digital media device directly.

Step3: When you open this program, there are 4 recovery modes for your choice. “Deleted Recovery” is available for deleted file recovery. “Format Recovery” works for formatted SD card data recovery. If both of them can’t help, “Raw Recovery” is available.

Step4: Scan your SD card and continue three quick clicks to complete SanDisk recovery.

Do the SD card recovery methods above work for your situation? I believe that you are not bothered by SD card error any more.

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